Greatly increase Chrome performance

Using experiments.

My Chrome version: 19.0.1084.52 (mac)

Surf to: chrome://flags/

I enabled following flags, and so far it’s still working great:

  • Threaded compositing Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS
  • GPU Accelerated SVG and CSS Filters Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS
  • HTTP Pipelining Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS
  • Built-in Asynchronous DNS Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS

Pipelining requires a somewhat more decent internet connection (as in, don’t use it while on EDGE on the train).

There are a bunch of other cool experiments to play with, and be sure to check it out after every major Chrome update.

By the way, check out this if you haven’t done so yet: chrome://chrome-urls/

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8 responses to “Greatly increase Chrome performance”

  1. Sacha avatar

    How can you measure this improvement?

  2. Yeri Tiete avatar

    By hand mainly. I see a difference when loading a certain website (this blog) before and after the changes.

  3. Hash avatar

    Works great for me. Thanks

  4. Pieter Carette avatar

    Works like a charm on the 21.0.1145.0 dev version too, thank you. 🙂

  5. Blake SImpson avatar

    Turning these features on broke my “Back” and “Forward” 2 finger swipe gestures in OSX Lion for any webpage with Flash content embedded 🙁

    Chrome: 19.0.1084.52
    OSX: 10.7.4

  6. Yeri Tiete avatar

    Try disabling (one of) the first two.
    I’ve seen it also makes bars (such as seen on, facebook, wordpress admin panel, etc) lag when there is a lot of content (such as pictures) and they don’t really stick to the top of the browser anymore.

  7. Andy Jeffries (@andyjeffries) avatar

    Built-in Asynchronous DNS Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS breaks (for Rails developers), so disable it if you are a Pow user.

  8. Rob McMann avatar
    Rob McMann

    Awesome! Worked like a charm . Thanks for the post Yeri!

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