How to get rid of spambots on WP?

Simple, start using SSL.

Not entirely sure why this keeps spambots away, but a drop from ~100 spam comments/day (1/2) to at most 4 seems pretty cool.

Edit: seems like they just do a POST request to an old URL (, which results in this reply:

HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
Server: nginx/0.9.4
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 07:10:24 GMT
Content-Type: text/html
Content-Length: 184
Connection: close

I’m guessing once they rescan the new URLs they’ll be spamming again. Just a matter of time for them to update their “bookmarks”. 😉

Anyway, here’s the Akismet screenshot:

Pretty cool, no ?

Totals can be found here.

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blog over ssl

Starting a SSL test on this domain as of today. Free cert by StartSSL.

SSL is clearly the new hype, and this time I won’t be last to join it! 😉

Just going to check how much (if any) SSL slows down my site.

Every http requests gets automatically rewritten to https.

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Theme, blog, and stuff

As you noticed… Or perhaps didn’t notice, I’ve started using a new, simplistic theme a couple of days ago.

Kinda thought it might be too simplistic (I’ve hidden the sidebar, there’s no search or archive, etc), but I started to, you know, get attached to it.

So it’s here to stay, for a year or something. I guess.

I’ve also noticed that the long load times on my blog were WP_Buzz‘s fault. Nice plugin, but 15 to 45 seconds of load time per uncached page wasn’t really worth it. Hope it can be fixed.

I’ve always thought it was One that wasn’t keeping up with the SQL queries, and as refreshing the page always fixed my problem, I thought it just was bad luck and/or my dodgy connection. Until I saw WordPress was doing half a minute for about 90ish SQL queries… Per page.

But on the other hand, seems like changing from One to vm1 was useful after all:

Anyway, to search on this blog use Google or, if you have Chrome, type in blog.tuinslak<tab> and add your search query. Kinda rocks feature!

Been on posting spree lately. Not all post quite as useful, but hey. Let’s see how long I keep up! 😉

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Blog changes

Right, playing around with my blog again. Wasn’t really that happy anymore with my nginx rproxy caching. Especially that for some reason, lately, every (php) request got at least one hit to the backend Apache server, while it used to cache the generated html for 30 mins.

And well, performance just wasn’t good enough. So I said bye to, and hi to a couple of days ago. Vm1 is no longer the nginx proxy, but is hosting my whole blog now. No more Apache for me.

Now to see if performance increases and if it was any point in changing.

Oh, and all static/upload/image requests are now rewritten to a new domain ( Gives me to option to move static pages to a different webserver/host in the future. And why and not or ? Well, don’t know. Just like my “0x04” domain name! 😀

Oh well… Just playing around…

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… Now has its own host/blog. Riiiiiiiiight here !