Dark-themed rectangular illustration depicting a scene of a large group of people marching in unison. The atmosphere is tense and foreboding. They march under a sky filled with black and red flags fluttering ominously. In the distance, on a massive podium, a shadowy figure speaks to the masses, creating an aura of fear and control.


The War Department thought it was important for Americans to understand the tactics fascists would use to take power in the United States. They would try to gain power “under the guise of ‘super-patriotism’ and ‘super-Americanism.’” And they would use three techniques:

First, they would pit religious, racial, and economic groups against one another to break down national unity. Part of that effort to divide and conquer would be a “well-planned ‘hate campaign’ against minority races, religions, and other groups.”

Second, they would deny any need for international cooperation, because that would fly in the face of their insistence that their supporters were better than everyone else. “In place of international cooperation, the fascists seek to substitute a perverted sort of ultra-nationalism which tells their people that they are the only people in the world who count. With this goes hatred and suspicion toward the people of all other nations.”

Third, fascists would insist that “the world has but two choices — either fascism or communism, and they label as ‘communists’ everyone who refuses to support them.”

Source: Kottke

Well, well, look at that.

Exactly what’s happening now (LGBTQ+, women/abortion, immigrants, refugees, Muslims, etc).

And exactly the same is happening in Europe.

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