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Dutch Electrical Power Numbers

Bert Hubert did an analysis of the Dutch Electrical Power numbers. This is a continuation of his first post.

Nuclear. These numbers appear to be correct, and come from our single operational nuclear power plant in Borselle.

Fossil gas. I think this includes only our ‘regular’ natural gas power plants. However, other sources authoritatively say we also burn a steady 458 MW of ‘biogas’.

Coal. Probably complete.

Waste. The Netherlands incinerates a lot of waste, and this leads to the production of electrical power. Not a lot though.

Wind onshore. Turns out this number only includes wind farms directly connected to TenneT. In other words, there is a lot more onshore wind power than reported in this number.

Wind offshore. Most people consider this number to be good & to include all the offshore wind farms.

Other. No one knows what this is (!!), except it sometimes peaks to 5 GW. But not recently. Goes up and down between 50 and 600 MW more or less.

Dutch Electrical Power Numbers part 2

If Europe is serious about becoming energy independent (from Russia today, from someone else tomorrow), it’s time to publish transparent data on energy sources.

Hello, open data, anyone?

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