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Dropbox has been removed from the Debian package list due to licensing issues.

However, there’s still a way to download and install Dropbox on your Debian box without attempting to compile the source code.

Head over to Linux Mint and download both Dropbox (version 1.0.1) and Nautilus-Dropbox (version 0.6.7-lmde > i386 or amd64).


dpkg -i nautilus-dropbox*
dpkg -i dropbox.*

as root. Then return to your regular user and start dropbox

dropbox start -i

This will ask you to download closed source software, click yes.

Follow the instructions on the screen… Dropbox should be running now.

It appears Dropbox will auto update (it’s running version 10.0.20 at the moment).

I mirrored the files, just in case:

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Debian Squeeze had problems un-tarring the tar.gz files on your mirror. But the original links work fine. Thanks!

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