Christmas card 2022

I know we said that if we adopted a 3rd cat, we’d skip getting a kid. Oh well.

This year Ila joined us and, as if all stars aligned, it was the perfect set to create baby Jesus’ birth. My grandma (bless her) would’ve been proud… 😉

The cats as the three kings, Joseph and Maria, and of course, the baby.

Every year we have a few cards getting lost (or at least we’re not getting a confirmation they made it to their end destination — many cards head to Europe, USA, Australia, Japan, Singapore, etc. I figure tons of mail must get lost all the time). And those that make it, tend to be damaged or dirty

This year we opted to put everything in an envelope… Also, less likely to offend a prude postman. 😉

2022 – front view
2022 – back view

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