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Courier IMAP and auto deleting trash after 7 days

E-mails that had been deleted for over 7 days were automatically removed from the IMAP server. E-mail date was ignored (ie the mail could have been from 2010; the actual time in “Trash” counted). This didn’t happen to other folders (Sent, Archive, Spam). This recently happened and hadn’t happened before.

I had to restore my trash folder from backups every 7 days (yay for rdiff-backup).

It took me a while to figure it out… The problem first appeared in October, right after several big changes:

  • Yosemite update
  • Airmail to Airmail 2 update (I was convinced this was the root cause, looking at my clients instead of the server)
  • Android 5.0.x
  • Android Email app sunset, changes to GMail app
  • IPv6 working decently at home after updating my RPi to Fritzbox devices.
  • Random connection errors in GMail app (this was due to misconfigured DNS in the GMail app and causing IPv6 catch all to redirect to the webserver instead of the mailserver. It didn’t happen consistently because over mobile (4G & lower) there is no IPv6 and at home is randomly falls back to IPv4 as well. IPv4 DNS was well configured.
  • Moving my ~100.000 deleted e-mails from “Deleted Items” (OS X Mail default) to “Trash” (Android & Courier default) to stop having to move them manually from one folder to the other every so often. => this was eventually the cause but I didn’t realize.

Being convinced it was most likely Airmail 2 and very maybe Android I had been looking in that direction.

Debugging was also extremely slow as I had to wait 7 days before being able to check if the changes I made helped anything.

I eventually figured out that it was not Airmail when I rebuild my whole mail database and it defaulted back to putting my deleted mails into the Archive folder instead of Trash. Archive mails were kept over 7 days, but items in Trash still removed.

That’s when I started looking at Courier IMAP config: /etc/courier/imapd (and not imapd-ssl).

There’s an option that says:

# The following setting is optional, and causes messages from the given
# folder to be automatically deleted after the given number of days.
# IMAP_EMPTYTRASH is a comma-separated list of folder:days.  The default
# setting, below, purges 7 day old messages from the Trash folder.
# Another useful setting would be:
# IMAP_EMPTYTRASH=Trash:7,Sent:30
# This would also delete messages from the Sent folder (presumably copies
# of sent mail) after 30 days.  This is a global setting that is applied to
# every mail account, and is probably useful in a controlled, corporate
# environment.
# Important: the purging is controlled by CTIME, not MTIME (the file time
# as shown by ls).  It is perfectly ordinary to see stuff in Trash that's
# a year old.  That's the file modification time, MTIME, that's displayed.
# This is generally when the message was originally delivered to this
# mailbox.  Purging is controlled by a different timestamp, CTIME, which is
# changed when the file is moved to the Trash folder (and at other times too).
# You might want to disable this setting in certain situations - it results
# in a stat() of every file in each folder, at login and logout.

Comment out that last line, and restart courier-imap(-ssl)… Simple as that.

This solved my issue.

I’m not sure when that config change happened (Debian update?) and I do not know who at Courier thought it was a good idea …. But sheesh.

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Wheezy Xen Dom0 & RAM

Note to self: <1Gb of RAM on a Dom0 Wheezy server causes kernel panics.

Using 2Gb of RAM seems to do the trick.

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Mac OS X Mavericks + VLC top bar

Mavericks, and its new “multi display support” adds a grey-ish bar to the top of VLC when watching anything full screen.


I never found a way to get rid of it, and it has annoyed me ever since. Until yesterday…

This is how to get rid of it:

  1. play movie
  2. drag to 2nd screen
  3. click Video > Float on Top
  4. go full screen (cmd+F or Video > Fullscreen)


Keep in mind, that once you get out of full screen, and get back in it, the bar will be back. Enabling and disabling the above mentioned option won’t change it anymore. The only solution I’ve found was to quit VLC entirely, reopen it, go back the where the movie was, click the option, and go full screen…

plxthx for buggy releases.

Edit: Today I am unable to apply my above mentioned ‘fix’. I have however found another option under VLC preferences: “Interface > Use the native fullscreen mode”. Deselect that option, and it seems to be working.

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5 Reasons The Guy Fixing Your Computer Hates You

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Mac OS X: Mavericks causes CPU fan to run at full speed

I’ve noticed that, after upgrading from Mountain Lion to Mavericks on my borrowed MBA, my fan was running a lot… and loudly. As in, moving my mouse caused the fan to run at full speed.

I tried rebooting (and unchecking “reopen apps at startup”), which helped for about 5 minutes.

I tried closing down apps (which helped; especially keeping Mail closed helped a lot). But even watching a YouTube or playing Music on Google Music caused the CPU fan to start spinning way louder than before.

It quickly came to a point it started driving my crazy and I had a really loud machine which was also sluggish and laggy at some random points (=> not sure if it’s related, but I haven’t had it since).

The thing I tried was a SMC reset, and that did the trick. Since then I haven’t heard the fan on normal load anymore.

Do this (on an Air):

  1. Turn off the Mac
  2. Be sure it’s connected to the Magsafe
  3. Hit left shift + ctrl + alt (option) + power (like just one second or something apparently)
  4. release the keys
  5. and boot normally (hit power button)
  6. that should be it

More info on a SMC reset is here.