Selling: Guruplug Display

I’m selling my Guruplug Display as it’s underperforming for what I want it to be doing. The 720p resolution doesn’t cut it, and it’s generally too slow and unstable to be used in a professional environment (although, I guess, at home it’d be fine). It’s been flashed with Debian Squeeze and has some iRail specific […]

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Connect different LANs over openVPN

I now own three Raspberry Pi’s. Using two of them (and my Guruplug as WiFi AP) I connected my new apartment with my old house (= parents) over VPN. This way I can access the printers/scanners and NAS at home. The 2 rPI’s are used as router (using a Macbook Air USB-to-Ethernet adapter as 2nd […]

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Shell(s) for my Great Firewall Checker

As my last shell has been disconnected in China (not because I was probing websites, but because the building the Guruplug was in got closed) I’m looking for shells. Linux or Unix. With Git installed. I’ll barely use any disk space and it will probe the websites at most once/day (at night, when you won’t […]

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socket: Permission denied

After upgrading my Guruplug Display from Lenny to Squeeze I came along an odd error; every non-root user was unable to access anything related to the internet. NTP: Mar 26 20:31:50 localhost ntpd[1055]: ./../lib/isc/unix/ifiter_ioctl.c:348: unexpected error: Mar 26 20:31:50 localhost ntpd[1055]: making interface scan socket: Permission denied Mar 26 20:35:09 localhost ntpd[1055]: ntpd exiting on […]

Errors Linux Software

sudo: must be setuid root

Got this error on my Guruplug Display after messing with it. Neither was I able to use su, or any other important command. After many chmods, chowns, and cursing — check your mount (in /etc/fstab) options… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Be sure / is not mounted with nosetuid Reboot and enjoy!