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Use instead of .be in Chrome


  • lags on new features
  • no +1 in .be
  • no social integration
  • no instant search
  • probably a million other experiments that run on .com but not on .be
  • The black-bar is entirely different on .be, don’t know why
  • Better G+ integration, not that I would ever use it
  • .be lagged on https as well, and I’m a https fan.


In Chrome: surf to settings > Manage search engines.

Then either delete the default one:


Or just add a random website from the list below, and rename it to “Google”, “” and add this in the last column:{google:RLZ}{google:acceptedSuggestion}

When copy pasting, make sure it becomes one line (e.g. no new lines).

And be sure to make it https and (not for example), this will increase speed significantly.

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