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Sony stops DNS resolvers

The Hamburg Regional Court today ruled that they would not suspend an existing injunction against Quad9 in a case filed by Sony Music Germany. The case centers around Sony Music’s demand that Quad9’s servers located in Germany stop resolving DNS names of third-party sites which are claimed to have URLs that contain copyright infringements.



Also note “claimed to have”. Not proven to have.

Knowing that Sony has not been very good at actually identifying copyrighted content, and they just throw stuff around to see what sticks.

And DMCA requests have done more evil than good…

Also, what will actually happen? Quad9 will move its DNS servers outside of Germany and/or people will use other DNS resolvers. Nothing get fixed, and users are punished with worse latency.

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King Air spins

Some damn scary shit right there.

The jumpers blocked the airflow and shifted the gravity balance:

The stall and subsequent spin happened when we allowed too many jumpers on the outside step, causing an aft center of gravity and excessive blocking of the airflow to the left horizontal stabilizer. The nose then pitched up beyond the controllability of the elevator

Xei, pilot, King Air

More details can be read here.


Only in Japan


Shake it!


Not sure what to think

About this

President Obama announced a plan to limit the sale of combat weapons and, hours later, those kinds of guns are out of stock in Wal-Mart