WoW Cataclysm Alpha: Death knight

Click on the image for full size. Made it look mysterious because, well, you know.


Wrath of the Lich King release date

Yes, it’s official, November 13th, this year!

No official note on the European site though. 🙁


WotLK soon?!

The latest Burning Crusade patch has, somewhat, been released. But I haven’t been able to download anything yet. Keeps giving me “data for next patch not available“.

But, when I launch the “WoW launcher”, I do get this splash screen, which doesn’t seem to be right just yet.

Seems like Blizzard messed up something, especially if the game and latest “pre-wotlk” patch hasn’t been installed/released yet.

Anyway, this does mean the expansion is going to be released soon, which is good I think. (Though I’d still like to get the ZA Amani bear, but doesn’t seem like I will anywhere soon)

Apple Errors Software

Create Bootcamp partition

Today I had to reinstall Bootcamp, and thus create a new Windows partition.

Trying the Bootcamp setup wizard, I got the same error as I had before – “Your disk cannot be partitioned because some files cannot be moved”.

I tried to Zero-Out-Data, overwriting all deleted data on the disk with 0’s. Yet this did not seem to solve the problem.

After deleting some big files, like my heroes & 24 episodes, I tried again. Still nothing.

I then remembered I had WoW Wrath of the Lich King installed (7ish Gb). Deleting the WoW folder and trying again, did solve the problem. I didn’t even have to zero-out-data again.

So, basicly, deleting big files (folders?!) seems to solve the problem too.


Achievements are here

Seems cool, but only half of it is working. Some things I did are not reflected in the achievement page.

The stats tab is clickable, but pretty much everything is still set to “0” or NYI (not yet implemented).