WotLK soon?!

The latest Burning Crusade patch has, somewhat, been released. But I haven’t been able to download anything yet. Keeps giving me “data for next patch not available“.

But, when I launch the “WoW launcher”, I do get this splash screen, which doesn’t seem to be right just yet.

Seems like Blizzard messed up something, especially if the game and latest “pre-wotlk” patch hasn’t been installed/released yet.

Anyway, this does mean the expansion is going to be released soon, which is good I think. (Though I’d still like to get the ZA Amani bear, but doesn’t seem like I will anywhere soon)

Create Bootcamp partition

Today I had to reinstall Bootcamp, and thus create a new Windows partition.

Trying the Bootcamp setup wizard, I got the same error as I had before – “Your disk cannot be partitioned because some files cannot be moved”.

I tried to Zero-Out-Data, overwriting all deleted data on the disk with 0’s. Yet this did not seem to solve the problem.

After deleting some big files, like my heroes & 24 episodes, I tried again. Still nothing.

I then remembered I had WoW Wrath of the Lich King installed (7ish Gb). Deleting the WoW folder and trying again, did solve the problem. I didn’t even have to zero-out-data again.

So, basicly, deleting big files (folders?!) seems to solve the problem too.

Achievements are here

Seems cool, but only half of it is working. Some things I did are not reflected in the achievement page.

The stats tab is clickable, but pretty much everything is still set to “0” or NYI (not yet implemented).