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SugarCRM: get rid of the ads

When logging in, you get a huge ad saying “Go Pro” or something similar, and some news feed about SugarCRM in SugarCRM: Community Edition. Fun fun, but I don’t quite need that.

Anyway, “fix”:

cd crm-path/modules/Home/Dashlets
mv iFrameDashlet/ /root/sCRM-dashlet/
mv SugarNewsDashlet/ /root/sCRM-dashlet/

Remove these two modules, refresh site, and you’d be fine.

SugarCRM updates might put these modules back in place though.

I moved them to /root/sCRM-dashlet in case you want a backup, else rm -rf. 😉

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SugarCRM: issue saving locales

SugarCRM (community edition; version 6.0.2) has been giving me a bunch of issues like being unable to change the locale settings (“Locales” under “Administration”) as well as “Display module icon as favicon” (“System Settings”).

Changing the US format (yyyy/mm/dd) to EU (dd/mm/yyyy) and every other setting on that page wasn’t actually saved/remembered upon hitting save.

Editing it manually in config.php wasn’t an option either, as it got overwritten every single time. I could of course change permission, and make it unwritable by the webserver, but that would make the rest of the admin panel useless (everything else isn’t configurable anymore).

My workaround:

Install the outdated EN_GB locale from SugarForge. It won’t complain that the versions do not match (unlike the two Dutch locales), but it will break your GUI.

However, this gives you time to edit all the settings, save, and put it back to English (US). And this time, it gets remembered (idem dito for the favicon).

I however kept the EN_GB locale module installed, just in case, and thus didn’t test whether it broke again when the EN_GB mod is removed.

Buggy CRM is buggy. 🙁

Also, the fact I cannot delete users/employees directly is bugging me. Doubt this CRM will make it into production fase… -.-