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  • Allow ping from USG

    Allow ping from USG

    Because I keep forgetting and it takes me far too much time to go through one of my million sites where I set this up and find the right config… To allow a USG (Unifi Security Gateway) to reply to external (WAN) ping requests, do the following: That’s it… All this for Smokeping.

  • Smokeping.eu


    I’ve revamped my Smokeping infra a bit since 2020. First off, starting to use the smokeping.eu1 domain that Bianco got 10 or so years ago instead of using weird URLs under superuser.one domain. It’s running on four nodes as we speak: a virtual machine on a colocation server in Leaseweb, Amsterdam, NL -> leaseweb.nl.smokeping.eu a…

  • Smokeping


    Back in the days — when I was 16 or so — Smokeping was the rage. Every colo provider in Amsterdam, every NOC, they all had their own Smokeping. Playing around with Docker I saw some Smokeping image and that made me want to set it up again. I’m running Smokeping on my server in…