Hong Kong housing

Video from 2018. Since then, we’ve seen the riots (revolution?) in HKG. Suddenly, the HDBs in Singapore make a lot more sense, and we should credit the SG Housing Board for their solution (sure, HDBs are not perfect, but compared to those cages…).

Living conditions in Singapore in


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I was playing around with the idea to up the marketing and social media stuff for Shan (WFH is taking its toll — I was bored, always doing the same, saw Shan struggle to do both creative and marketing work, and I had plenty of brainjuice left — and in all fairness I was probably getting a bit frustrated and going “why don’t you just …”. So yeah, decided to actually help out and experiment some).

Since medio April I have been running most of the social media accounts, having content scheduled using Hootsuite, increasing followers, etc.

I did some of this before, but it was mostly some random paid advertisement without a real strategy that didn’t lead to anything very substantial. The ROI wasn’t really there and was mostly just a gamble — so far we’ve had more leads from organic growth than from paid ads on Google or Facebook/Instagram. Soooooo something must be wrong there…?!

Another thing that was missing to make her more prominent as SME (subject matter expert) was to have all the knowledge and experience she has more publicly available; ie give some away for free (and help those that wouldn’t hire the services anyway), and then provide enough of a teaser to reel in customers that want more and have budget. The blog will also hold some reviews, plug some contractors and suppliers (create a bit of a win-win situation and platform), etc.

So yeah — I suddenly had this epiphany to set up a blog (using Medium — and I may have been late to the party, but I’ve been watching and wanted to get to know more about the platform — and so far Medium actually has quite some interesting articles).

Got some interviews going with clients, show casing some projects (the portfolio is nice, but doesn’t have a lot of written content) have some posts about what’s going on in Shan‘s mind (those are the ones that take time as Shan needs to sit down and actually give me content) and even wrote about our house. 🙂

So let’s see how that works out — but so far it’s been worth it.


PropertyGuru interview

This is one from last year, but as there’s another coming… Posting it here for memories’ sake.

They promised us all our cat pictures (they took more pictures of the cats than us)… Still waiting. 🙁


Johor Bahru

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Singapore expat part 3: unified payment system across transport

Just like Hong Kong (Octopus), Seoul (T-Money) and London (Oyster), Singapore has a public transport card (Ez-Link). Like HK and Seoul, you can use this card for small payments in 7/11 alike shops.

This payment card works on all transport modes. Bus. MRT (metro). No matter who operates it.

Sadly it doesn’t work on taxis though.

Nonetheless. With a bunch of different players (SMRT, SBS, any other? But the same is true for London — and they have more players on the market) they have one simple unified payment system (and prices are the same no matter who is operating).

Why is this not possible in Belgium? Don’t get me started on MOBIB.  “In order to travel validly on the networks of the various operators, you will need to store a valid transport tickets on your MOBIB card for each of the mobility operators you intend to travel with.” That’s a joke.