Theme, blog, and stuff

As you noticed… Or perhaps didn’t notice, I’ve started using a new, simplistic theme a couple of days ago.

Kinda thought it might be too simplistic (I’ve hidden the sidebar, there’s no search or archive, etc), but I started to, you know, get attached to it.

So it’s here to stay, for a year or something. I guess.

I’ve also noticed that the long load times on my blog were WP_Buzz‘s fault. Nice plugin, but 15 to 45 seconds of load time per uncached page wasn’t really worth it. Hope it can be fixed.

I’ve always thought it was One that wasn’t keeping up with the SQL queries, and as refreshing the page always fixed my problem, I thought it just was bad luck and/or my dodgy connection. Until I saw WordPress was doing half a minute for about 90ish SQL queries… Per page.

But on the other hand, seems like changing from One to vm1 was useful after all:

Anyway, to search on this blog use Google or, if you have Chrome, type in blog.tuinslak<tab> and add your search query. Kinda rocks feature!

Been on posting spree lately. Not all post quite as useful, but hey. Let’s see how long I keep up! 😉

Public DNS server

I have been running a public DNS server for private purpose (never liked my ISP’s DNS servers, and the root servers were usually located too far away (at least those with easy to remember IPs).

Anyway, been testing it since this summer, and so far it’s been working great.

the DNS server running on a Debian virtual machine, hosted by Rootspirit, near Amsterdam.

IP address:


Might not be an easy to remember IP address (unlike, but as I use that IP pretty much every day, it’s okay for me. 😉

Edit: Let me remind you that I do not agree with NX domain hijacking, or falsifying/redirecting certain DNS requests (such as OpenDNS to or the Belgian ban on and redirecting it to

Check out this awesome tool to find the best DNS servers near you.