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Proximus fraud email address

In case, like me, you suddenly can’t make any outgoing phone calls, or send any text messages, and your data connection is cut off.

And yes, this includes calling the Proximus helpdesk (6000)… ps: WELL DONE PROXIMUS. NICE.

The message I heard when trying to make an outgoing phone call as along the lines of “You currently cannot make any outgoing calls. Click 1 for additional details.” *1* “Due to technical issues we cannot help you any further” *disconnected*…

As it turns out, I suddenly need to proof to Proximus I actually lived where I live (it’s a new number/subscription. It worked fine for ~24 hours).

At the loldesk they’ll quickly inform you (after a 15 minute wait and calling them back for the 4th time as the connection was interrupted every other time), you need to mail all the proof to them.

They told me the address was [email protected]… But that gave me user unknown:

<[email protected]>: host[] said: 550 5.1.1 [MDA 1.3.0-6854] 
<[email protected]> User unknown (in reply to RCPT TO command)

and after trying fraud.cel, fraudcell, fraud.cel,, fraud.cell, [email protected], etc I had no choice but to call them back… 🙁

After wasting another 2 hours, it turns out it was actually, and not .be, thus [email protected]net… sigh.

And as Google didn’t result any hits on fraud.cell and proximus, I’ll quickly post this in the hope I can help someone in the future… -.-)

But good news, after that it was fixed within the hour.


Nick is angry at #Proximus

Proximus, fix your service. – please – from Nick De Mey.



Euh… dank u wel ?!

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