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  • Xiaomi purifier hack with NFC tags

    Xiaomi purifier hack with NFC tags

    It’s been over two years since my last rant. I can now happily say this NFC tag hack works. No need to hack your purifier like with their previous kit (I almost purchased the kit — but eventually decided against it; was it worth the trouble?). But these NFC tags are significantly easier to use.…

  • Air purifier

    Air purifier

    I live in Singapore. And haze is a thing. Thanks Indonesia and burning rain forests to create palm plantations. Needless to say, so far 2019 and 2020 haven’t been great. Anyhow I got myself a Novita air purifier ~2 years ago, and I stole received a Xiaomi purifier from Liyun. The Novita is pretty dumb…