Belgian bank & SSL slashdot effect

Quick wrap up of the slashdot effect 10 days ago.

A peak of 12k views on Monday 16/02, with a small buildup on Sunday (15/02).


The top pages were Part 3, Part 1, Part 4 and Part 2 respectively.

De Redactie is the highest referrer, surpassing De Morgen (first to publish in printed media, front page) & Datanews (first to publish online):


Second highest, after Twitter (, was Tweakers (Dutch website, oddly enough).

OS wise, about 60% is Windows, 12% of OSX and 10% of iOS; 79% desktop, 15% phones, 6% tablets. Way more mobile than I expected to be honest.

This was easily handled on a Debian virtual machine: running a dual core Xeon vCPU (3.2Ghz) with 2Gb of RAM. Nginx as webserver. No slowdown was noticed. Google Analytics reported peaks of ~100 concurrent users (but not sure what timeframe they consider “concurrent”).


There was, what looks like, a DoS on Monday around 12h00 for about 30 minutes causing a 100% load (2.00 linux load, on 2 vCPUs), however there was no out of the ordinary traffic data peak — but I didn’t have time to look into it, and by the time I had notice it was already long over.



Interesting networks:

  • Usually Telenet & Belgacom consumer networks are high above anything else (they were still and #2 respectively, this time), but closely following up where a lot of corporate networks, as as these:
  • Bank van Breda (177 pageviews)
  • ING (167)
  • Fortis (125)
  • KBC (114)
  • AXA (104)
  • And others (< 50 pageviews) Ogone, HP, Crelan, Argenta, Infrabel, Deutsche Bank, Microsoft, Vlaamse Overheid, AGFA, Getronics, De Post, etc.

Interesting referrers:

  • a bunch of intranets (fedict, kbc, ing),
  • a bunch of bank website & mailings: updated list on part 4.

Interesting reads:

  • Frank,
  • And a few comments on part 3 and part 4.

Ripple effect:

iRail Linux Networking Software www

iRail slashdot effect

Only because stats are pretty awesome. The effects of my media attention a few days ago. I’ll give some more info than what can be seen here.

And pretty happy I set up my nginx caching up a few weeks ago.

MRTG traffic stats on vm1, my nginx caching server, of the first 2 days (only major traffic source is this blog):

Top referrers (though not 100% accurate):

Website hits:

Top posts last few days:

Flickr hits last few days:

Screenshots are all a few days old by the way.

This, and a bunch of other cool stats from Google Analytics. 🙂

Oh, and also, visits on from the NMBS/SNCB network starting Sept 1 2008: