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  • Namely + hiding its icon

    I recently started to use Namely but having its icon in my dock was quite annoying (like to keep my dock clean). Namely is an app that let’s you launch any application by typing in a few letters of that program’s name. Just type in a key combination ([Apple]+E here), and Namely’s window pop ups.…

  • Hide your Printer icon in Mac OS X.5

    I recently came upon this post; enjoy it. 😉 Makes life just that bit easier!

  • Mac OS X.5.2

    Yes, it’s here, finally! A 355 Mb patch, downloaded over poor UMTS/3G at school and in the train… Took a while, but it’s finally installed. Some nice few features, like the fact you can now remove the semi-transparent effect on the menu bar (makes it nicer). They also added some nice stacks enhancements. A Time…