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  • Bij deze

    Tja, weet het al van in December ofzo, maar tja. I guess dat ik het bewijs ben dat punten (“met voldoende wijze” (geen onderscheiding, dju toch) + halve PDTer) helemaal niets willen zeggen voor de toekomst. Ofzo. En neen, geachte headhunters (die via KdG mijn e-mail adres gekocht hebben), ik zoek GEEN werk. Zeker niet…

  • Work

    Internships, fun fun. Source.

  • KdG books

    KdG books

    Giving and/or selling following books (most of them are from KdG, and as I’m graduating, I no longer need them). These books were needed at Karel de Grote Hogeschool (campus Groenplaats): Toegepaste Informatica (specialisatie: Netwerken & Systeembeheer – 2007-2010). Condition: used ! (Sometimes annotated words) Contact me: @Tuinslak [email protected] 0474/61.01.39

  • China, I be preparing!

    Internship in Beijing! I doubt it’s an useful book, but at least I’m trying. 😉

  • I wonder…

  • XML-Stylesheet

    I quote my Hypermedia teacher from school: “You add <?xml:stylesheet href=”blabla.css” type=”text/css”?> to blabla.xml. You will notice that, once again, this will not work in Firefox for some weird reason. I suggest using Internet Explorer for this. Nevertheless, there’s a workaround for Firefox, using xml–stylesheet for you Firefox fans…” Well well, let’s all blame Firefox…

  • School exams

    Whilst reading over “Chapter I: The Internet” in my Hypermedia course; I couldn’t help noticing a few things. I quote: All IP’s of local PC’s in a local network begin with “192.168” DNS is a service on the internet that links hard to remember IP’s to easy to remember domain names A PC with a…