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iPhone could not be restored

Jailbreaking my old iPhone 2G (Edge version).

It was a bit hard to find software that would still allow me to jailbreak this 2G.

Soooow, I mirrored all I used.

Bootloader: 3.9 or 4.6

PwnageTool: 3.1.5

Be aware: you will need iTunes 9 (or 8, I guess) — iTunes 10 gives an error: “iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1600).”

Follow basic instructions on the PwnageTool (export mode > you need to select the default IPSW) and you’ll get there.

As IPSW you can use the default IPSW iTunes downloads upon restoring. You’ll find the IPSW in ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates/ (iTunes 10).

I still had iTunes 9 on my old PowerBook, but I guess you can find the installer on the net somewhere and use a virtual machine or something.

When booting the iPhone in DFU mode, iTunes will find the iPhone in recovery mode. Left click + ALT on the restore button and browse to the custom IPSW.


And, yes, this iPhone 2G is for sale 🙂 Contact me if interested 😉

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US government legalizes iPhone ‘jailbreaking,’ unlocking

And I quote from AppleInsider;

The U.S. government on Monday announced new rules that make it officially legal for iPhone owners to “jailbreak” their device and run unauthorized third-party applications. In addition, it is now acceptable to unlock any cell phone for use on multiple carriers.

According to The Associated Press, the government approved a handful of new exemptions to a federal law that prevents the circumvention of technical measure that prevent users from accessing and modifying copyrighted works. The report noted that every three years, the Library of Congress’ Copyright Office authorizes exemptions to ensure existing law does not prevent non-infringing use of copyrighted material.

In addition, another exemption was approved that would allow all cell phone users to unlock their device for use on an unapproved carrier. Currently, Apple’s iPhone is available exclusively through AT&T, but unlocking it can allow for voice calls and EDGE data speeds on rival carrier T-Mobile.

Purely awesome.


Bob Ban – All Along the Jailbreak Train


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