Tag: hafas

  • iRail

    iRail.be will be the new domain for my NMBS/SNCB iPhone Route Planner.  And expect some more updates by the end of the week. 🙂

  • Route Planner translation

    I’ve started translating little bits of the website, into French, Dutch and German (though some of it is still in English). I’ll be translating more the coming days (if it’s needed). Please report all typo’s you should encounter.  You can change the language options on the settings page.

  • Route Planner bug fix

    I just fixed a bug where he wouldn’t query the NMBS website if you hadn’t picked your language yet. Default language has been set to English. Thanks to Helene.

  • Route Planner updates

    These are the things I’ve worked on: changed color to dark blue added a seperate settings page (you can only change the results page language at the moment (the content downloaded from the NMBS website)) language settings is saved in a cookie station info is saved in a cookie too, instead of a session changed…

  • NMBS/SNCB for iPhone

    As there is no iPhone compatible website or application, I created my own NMBS “route planner” for the iPhone. This is no app though, this is just an iPhone website. Basicly, this is what you can do: fill in departure station fill in arrival station fill in time and date (of departure) At this stage…


    While trying to find an API or “mobile” (read: iPhone) access for the NMBS website, I came upon some cool stuff. The time table and train managing software seems made in Germany. The NMBS “look up” site gives you the software and version it is using (“Software versie/dataversie: HAFAS 5.21.B-RAIL.4.7f/5.21.B-RAIL.4.7k – 14/09/08“). Googling for Hafas…