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  • Taking the Airbus to the IKEA Cloud

    Taking the Airbus to the IKEA Cloud

    We do have some (smaller) cloud (Scaleway) and datacenter players (Leaseweb, could use some innovation) and some inbetween (OVH, Hetzner)… But none are really a true cloud provider with serverless, all the storage stuff, etc. Evroc is trying just that — being a real competitor to GCP and AWS — but that’ll need a lot…

  • Kagi


    It’s now been roughly 6 months I’ve switched from DuckDuckGo to Kagi. I started paying right away after roughly the one month trial. I had not been very happy with DDG; mostly the results were very low quality (having to switch back to Google one too many times; results often lagged behind by months of…