Location history heatmap

Toy of the day. Data since the beginning of time (4-5 years ago), with Latitude. Some places (like Venice, Shanghai) seem to be missing.



Flanders (small point radius):

flanders small



Antwerp with smaller point radius:

antwerp small

Brussels (small radius):

brussels small

World (medium sized radius):


It seems to have some points of when I didn’t have internet (ie Macau, but also China & HK) — but notably less. My transits in India (New Delhi & Mombai) and Russia are vaguely noticeable. Didn’t have internet there either.

South China & Hong Kong:

shenzhen hk

My hood in Beijing, clearly I have stood often right outside Mix at Beijings Workers Stadium… 😉 And A-Hotel, my home. 😀


Seems to mainly include points when my phone had internet connection or if Google Maps (Navigation) or Waze was turned on. Other places in China (when I didn’t have roaming) are quite scarce.

NYC (+ JFK & EWR) seem to be quite scarce as well (limited roaming & WiFi):



Google Travel

Busy month (June/beginning July)

Another Latitude update:

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 10.20.13

<3 Latitude.

Google Travel

Latitude in 30 days views

Latitude rocks (although it contains some errors here & there).


Country Latest visit
Belgium August 2012
United Kingdom July 2012
Czech Republic July 2012
Luxembourg May 2012
Italy May 2012
Netherlands March 2012
France March 2012
Germany January 2012
United States January 2012
Finland October 2011
Hong Kong October 2011
China October 2011
Russia May 2011


iPhone location…

Raw file. Used Pete Warden’s app. Oh and if you missed the buzz, read this.

Google Misc

Google Latitude

Pretty cool. Scary, I’ll admit. Giving Google (and whoever else) the power to, well, track you.
But nevertheless, pretty cool to see where I have been in 3 days time.
Finally an app that automatically checks you in (don’t think other apps a la 4SQ and Gowala do that ? At least, Brightkite, when I used it, didn’t do that on iPhone). Now geoloc is becoming useful. I no longer need to take my phone out. My phone is doing it for me.

However, Google, please give the ability to users to add places, and don’t just make us able to check in at businesses. I’m a bit annoyed to check in at my neighbour’s, or at another company in my office.

Oh, and fix automatically check-in feature, it doesn’t work. And loc:on status message while you’re at it! 😉