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  • Nuclear winter

    Nuclear winter

  • Taking the Airbus to the IKEA Cloud

    Taking the Airbus to the IKEA Cloud

    We do have some (smaller) cloud (Scaleway) and datacenter players (Leaseweb, could use some innovation) and some inbetween (OVH, Hetzner)… But none are really a true cloud provider with serverless, all the storage stuff, etc. Evroc is trying just that — being a real competitor to GCP and AWS — but that’ll need a lot…

  • EU pushes for digital surveillance

    EU pushes for digital surveillance

    Keep seeing more and more topics, threads and sites about it. And it’s probably not getting half as much attention as it deserves. Here’s a summary from Danny Mekić post:

  • It’s Time to Replace Urban Delivery Vans

    It’s Time to Replace Urban Delivery Vans

    Via Kottke.

  • The Engine Inside

    Via Dense Discovery.

  • Dark Patterns

    Dark Patterns

    The Pudding once again has a good publication to detail Dark Patterns used among some big brands. Too few people know what they are and that they serve a purpose. When you sign up for digital service, sometimes they make it difficult to unsubscribe. You see these tricks every time you order a product online,…

  • Fascism


    The War Department thought it was important for Americans to understand the tactics fascists would use to take power in the United States. They would try to gain power “under the guise of ‘super-patriotism’ and ‘super-Americanism.’” And they would use three techniques: First, they would pit religious, racial, and economic groups against one another to…

  • Designing an (unofficial) transit map

    As Jansen notes, this is not how a design process would work in the real world — there’s no user testing or competing stakeholders to please — but from a purely aesthetic and functional standpoint, it’s still an interesting challenge and puzzle to attempt to solve. Source: Kottke

  • Nature in an urban setting

    Nature in an urban setting

    I’m very fortunate to have a handful of new trees, some grass and public seating bookend the street I live in. One of my favourite times of the day to be out on my balcony is dusk, because when the sun starts setting and the hustle and bustle of the city subsides, a group of…