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  • Updated @Flightradar24 Ansible cookbook

    I had to wait a little while for the ARMv7 version for my EfikaMX devices, but they finally had time to compile it. Yay! The updated cookbooks are on Github. Changes (commits): Better key management fr24feed.ini No more separate dump1090 launch newest fr24 version Download links for Linux & RPi.

  • Raspberry Pi & @Flightradar24

    In a couple of lines: how to get FR24 (+ dump1090) to work on your Raspberry Pi. Be sure to have the right hardware:¬†flightradar24.com/dvbt-stick¬†and … obviously … a RPi. I got a NooElec from Amazon because I didn’t have the patience to wait for something (that might not work) from AliExpress. As root: apt-get update…