I quote my Hypermedia teacher from school:

“You add <?xml:stylesheet href=”blabla.css” type=”text/css”?> to blabla.xml. You will notice that, once again, this will not work in Firefox for some weird reason. I suggest using Internet Explorer for this. Nevertheless, there’s a workaround for Firefox, using xmlstylesheet for you Firefox fans…”

Well well, let’s all blame Firefox (well, Gecko, to be precise) for not parsing this correctly! Especialy when xml-stylesheet *is* the only valid option set by W3C


School exams

Whilst reading over “Chapter I: The Internet” in my Hypermedia course; I couldn’t help noticing a few things.

I quote:

  • All IP’s of local PC’s in a local network begin with “192.168”
  • DNS is a service on the internet that links hard to remember IP’s to easy to remember domain names
  • A PC with a Pentium processor and at least 64 Mb RAM is needed to be able to connect to the internet.

This is when I start to wonder why I even bother to go to school…