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Hint of the day: run-parts and not executing files

If you have a rc.local looking like this:

/bin/run-parts /etc/rc.local.d

and files in /etc/rc.local.d looking like this

it’s not going to work.

Why, you ask, after cursing and shouting for the past hour?

because run-parts ignores files with dots (“.”) and/or .sh files.

Yes. True story.

rename all the files to:

hostname sshkeys firstboot

and your problem will be solved (and of course chmod +x them).

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Prowl: check server status (using ping)

Yesterday I’ve start using Prowl, as I heard good comments about it. And one of the things I want it to check, are my server statuses. I made a quick script using bash and crontab to check every 10 min if it replies on ping. Per server, I created “” (e.g., and added this in the file:

ping -c 1 $HOST   &>/dev/null
if [ $? -ne 0 ] ; then
curl -k -s "$KEY&application=Server%20Connectivity%20Failure&event=&description=$HOST&priority=2"

Of course, change KEY to your API key, HOST to the IP or DNS of the server it should ping. Also, make sure, that when pinging on your host where you’ll run the bash script on, a non-existing domain actually returns:

ping: unknown host ezfzigjagaqg.reg

instead of

PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.

(Should depend on the search line in /etc/resolv.conf) As I’m pinging about 6 servers I created the file “” with this content:

`/home/yeri/prowl/ &>/dev/null`
`/home/yeri/prowl/ &>/dev/null`
`/home/yeri/prowl/ &>/dev/null`
`/home/yeri/prowl/ &>/dev/null`
`/home/yeri/prowl/ &>/dev/null`
`/home/yeri/prowl/ &>/dev/null`

Make sure to chmod +x *.sh, to make it executable, and edit crontab and add something like that:

*/10	*	*	*	*	/home/yeri/prowl/ &>/dev/null

Don’t forget to test it whether it works or not (try non-existing domain(s), and run the script again).