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Google developing own CPUs for Chromebook laptops“.

Interesting to see that many years after Apple started creating their CPUs for the iPhone (and now laptops/desktops), so many companies are following. Google is not new to building their chips (TPU, Titan (used in security keys and as encryption module for servers/Pixel phones), and likely more), but quite new to more generalised computing CPU for phones and laptops.

And it makes sense — a lot of the generic CPUs were too generalist and not that great at their job (and are plagued with bugs). It came with heavy power usage. Having a ML/AI chip, a GPU chip, a generalist CPU chip (or two, one focussing on high performance, and one on efficiency, like the M1), one for security/encryption (Titan/T2), etc.

Curious to see how much of a head start Apple really has, and very eager to finally see some real innovation in the CPU space (sorry AMD with Ryzen: too little, too late).

Let’s see if Intel and AMD will be able to adapt and reinvent themselves and what it means for ARM (and the ARM IP issue in China), and if other architectures like MIPS are making a chance.

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Mac OS X: Mavericks causes CPU fan to run at full speed

I’ve noticed that, after upgrading from Mountain Lion to Mavericks on my borrowed MBA, my fan was running a lot… and loudly. As in, moving my mouse caused the fan to run at full speed.

I tried rebooting (and unchecking “reopen apps at startup”), which helped for about 5 minutes.

I tried closing down apps (which helped; especially keeping Mail closed helped a lot). But even watching a YouTube or playing Music on Google Music caused the CPU fan to start spinning way louder than before.

It quickly came to a point it started driving my crazy and I had a really loud machine which was also sluggish and laggy at some random points (=> not sure if it’s related, but I haven’t had it since).

The thing I tried was a SMC reset, and that did the trick. Since then I haven’t heard the fan on normal load anymore.

Do this (on an Air):

  1. Turn off the Mac
  2. Be sure it’s connected to the Magsafe
  3. Hit left shift + ctrl + alt (option) + power (like just one second or something apparently)
  4. release the keys
  5. and boot normally (hit power button)
  6. that should be it

More info on a SMC reset is here.