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  • It’s Time to Replace Urban Delivery Vans

    It’s Time to Replace Urban Delivery Vans

    Via Kottke.

  • Car-centric cities

    Car-centric cities

    Having been fortunate enough to have seen quite a few parts of the world, and having been in Singapore for 6 years now — I’ve been able to start comparing places and looking at the “where next” question. With Ila on the way, both as a parent and if I were a kid still —…

  • Continuous Sidewalks

    Living in Singapore — a city extremely unfriendly towards bicycles and pedestrians (to the point they banned e-scooters because they had to blame someone for the accidents, and it couldn’t be the cars) I started paying attention to urban design in Europe and started noticing the little things I wouldn’t pay attention before. Having just…