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  • Rice cookers

    Rice cookers

    Via Kottke.

  • Beyond Beef Lasagna

    Beyond Beef Lasagna

    The last (and only time) I posted a recipe here, was 7 years ago. Wow. As we’re trying to eat less meat in general, we‘ve (Shan and I) been experimenting with vegetarian dishes. This lasagna has been eaten by a few people now and every time the reviews are pretty damn good. 🙂 It comes…

  • Candy’s recipe of the month: Char Siu meat

    Ingredients: 400 gram of pork for two people (filet, if you like you can take somewhat fatter meat for a delicious taste) 1 soup spoon of Char Siu sauce (see below) 2 soup spoons of sugar 1 soup spoon of Hua Tiao rice wine (see below) 2 garlic toes 1 onion Some honey Rice for…