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  • GTFS


    As iRail’s servers go down once in a while (and contain some legacy files, making it a bit messy), I decided to back up and host the GTFS feeds of Belgian Railway (NMBS), and the 3 Belgian bus companies (De Lijn, TEC and MIVB) at gtfs.flatturtle.cloud. Every night, around 3am (CET), the GTFS files are…

  • Long holiday

    Long holiday

    After a whirlwind of planning, re-planning around Shan‘s work, and, well, a bit of procrastination (who’s judging?), … We’re finally leaving for our extended holidays. Saying “See ya!” to Singapore for three months! This is the longest I’m stepping out of the sunny (yet overly warm) island in the last 7 years. Feels a bit…

  • EU pushes for digital surveillance

    EU pushes for digital surveillance

    Keep seeing more and more topics, threads and sites about it. And it’s probably not getting half as much attention as it deserves. Here’s a summary from Danny Mekić post:

  • Nature in an urban setting

    Nature in an urban setting

    I’m very fortunate to have a handful of new trees, some grass and public seating bookend the street I live in. One of my favourite times of the day to be out on my balcony is dusk, because when the sun starts setting and the hustle and bustle of the city subsides, a group of…

  • Kids and urban space

    Kids and urban space

    My local council recently bought a bunch of warehouses and turned them into a public park with a playground. What used to be a barren, semi-industrial area suddenly came alive with people and plants. Everyone visiting the park looked in surprise at the playground wondering the same thing: ‘Where have all of these kids been…

  • The Rules for Rulers

  • 2022 by Vox

  • Why Car-Centric Cities are a GREAT Idea

  • Third Place

    I guess that’s one thing that I do miss in Singapore: informal places that are affordable (almost everything here costs money) and that are not shopping malls (exactly what he mentions in the video). Sure, there are bars, but they are usually expensive and atas, and not the place people go for an informal chitchat…