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Allow ping from USG

Because I keep forgetting and it takes me far too much time to go through one of my million sites where I set this up and find the right config…

To allow a USG (Unifi Security Gateway) to reply to external (WAN) ping requests, do the following:

  • Head to the Unifi dashboard -> Settings -> Firewall & Security
  • Create a new rule
  • Type: Internet Local
  • Description: Allow Ping (Echo Request)
  • Rule Applied: Before Predefined Rules
  • Action: Accept
  • IPv4 Protocol: ICMP
  • IPv4 IMP Type Name: Echo Request
  • Apply Changes -> wait ~2 minutes

That’s it…

All this for Smokeping.


Labeling kids



“We’re constantly being told that doing anything about the astronomical growth and the average size of motor vehicles would infringe on the freedoms of people to do whatever they want. But your freedom to swing your arm ends where my face begins, and SUVs are a giant punch in the face to everyone who doesn’t drive one. …

Over a ten-year period, over 500 American children were killed by being run over by SUVs – usually by their own parents, in their own driveways. This is insane! This is legitimately insane in any civilized society. This information alone would be enough to regulate the hood design of SUVs and light trucks, but instead the industry solution for this is proximity sensors and front-facing cameras, because car companies are happy for any regulations that means they can sell you more stuff. …

In the early days, most SUV buyers were arseholes. I’m not being flippant in suggesting that all SUV drivers were arsehole, but arseholes were literally the primary target market. When automakers wanted to make SUVs mainstream, auto industry research determined that the average light truck purchaser was obsessed with status, less likely to volunteer or feel a strong connection to their communities, less giving, less oriented toward others, more afraid of crime, more likely to text and drive, [and] more likely to take risks while driving. …

I really struggle to understand how a [European] DHL delivery driver can do his job with a [Renault] Kangoo van, but a middle-aged suburbanite thinks they need a Chevy Silverado [truck] to buy groceries. … One of these vehicles is designed to efficiently carry lots of useful stuff, while the other is designed to carry fragile egos.”

Source: Dense Discovery and Not Just Bikes.

Everything is a remix: AI

Fittingly, it’s almost been 10 years to the day I’ve posted about “Everything is a Remix”, and AI is no different.

Yes, it’ll affect us, yes, it’s learning from us, but we’re still the creators. And we’ve been doing the exact same.


Jon Stewart calmly dismantles gun zealot

Source: Kottke