Location history heatmap

Toy of the day. Data since the beginning of time (4-5 years ago), with Latitude. Some places (like Venice, Shanghai) seem to be missing.



Flanders (small point radius):

flanders small



Antwerp with smaller point radius:

antwerp small

Brussels (small radius):

brussels small

World (medium sized radius):


It seems to have some points of when I didn’t have internet (ie Macau, but also China & HK) — but notably less. My transits in India (New Delhi & Mombai) and Russia are vaguely noticeable. Didn’t have internet there either.

South China & Hong Kong:

shenzhen hk

My hood in Beijing, clearly I have stood often right outside Mix at Beijings Workers Stadium… 😉 And A-Hotel, my home. 😀


Seems to mainly include points when my phone had internet connection or if Google Maps (Navigation) or Waze was turned on. Other places in China (when I didn’t have roaming) are quite scarce.

NYC (+ JFK & EWR) seem to be quite scarce as well (limited roaming & WiFi):



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