Google Latitude

Pretty cool. Scary, I’ll admit. Giving Google (and whoever else) the power to, well, track you.
But nevertheless, pretty cool to see where I have been in 3 days time.
Finally an app that automatically checks you in (don’t think other apps a la 4SQ and Gowala do that ? At least, Brightkite, when I used it, didn’t do that on iPhone). Now geoloc is becoming useful. I no longer need to take my phone out. My phone is doing it for me.

However, Google, please give the ability to users to add places, and don’t just make us able to check in at businesses. I’m a bit annoyed to check in at my neighbour’s, or at another company in my office.

Oh, and fix automatically check-in feature, it doesn’t work. And loc:on status message while you’re at it! 😉

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