TieWo Christmas 2023

Christmas card 2023

It’s that time of the year again. The terrible Photoshop card.

And oh boy — did Ila grow this past year.

As always, Tofu playing “bande apart” — hanging out by herself, minding her own business, and definitely staying away from Mumu and Taro. Them two boys, on the other hand, lovers as always.

And then, of course, us, getting led by Ila to whatever and wherever Ila wants to go.

As we’re out of Singapore, we’ve tasked Jan to send them for us, from Singapore (⇾ cheaper than from Europe, and one less thing to bring along). 😅

2023 – front view
2023 – back view

We definitely forgot to add FlatTurtle.com on the backside, now that I’m actively involved again. 😉

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