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  • RPi kernels in Bookworm

    RPi kernels in Bookworm

    Raspberry Pi recently launched Bookworm, and with that, a new kernel package. However, due to the massive changes from Bullseye to Bookworm, they are not suggesting a dist-upgrade. In the past, we have suggested procedures for updating an existing image to the new version, but always with the caveat that we do not recommend it,…

  • PoC: Betteruptime + Python-kasa

    PoC: Betteruptime + Python-kasa

    Content Update The provided scripts have been updated on 16 Jul 2023. Specifically the SmartStrip part was not working as intended. I’ve been a big fan of Betteruptime. I’ve started using it to monitor all my assets online (websites, DNS, ping, successful script runs) as well as my servers (using heartbeats). I have a few…

  • Bookworm: eth0 -> enX0

    Bookworm: eth0 -> enX0

    Started updating my Debian systems from Bullseye to Bookworm. The first thing I noticed was that ethX renamed to enXY. To get back to the old naming scheme, you can fix this by adding the following in /etc/network/interfaces: And reboot.

  • Allow ping from USG

    Allow ping from USG

    Because I keep forgetting and it takes me far too much time to go through one of my million sites where I set this up and find the right config… To allow a USG (Unifi Security Gateway) to reply to external (WAN) ping requests, do the following: That’s it… All this for Smokeping.

  • NextDNS and NetworkManager

    NextDNS and NetworkManager

    A while back, I wrote about installing NetworkManager if NextDNS activate fails to work. Only… I realised that for some reason on Raspberry Pi (4), WiFi stopped working with the following errors: The WiFi SSID and password (wpa_supplicant) never changed, so I wasn’t sure what it was. However, as most Pi’s are wired I didn’t…

  • Mounting a whole disk with partitions

    Mounting a whole disk with partitions

    I reinstalled one of my RPis (moving from 32 to 64 bit). Before doing the full reinstall, I took a dump (dd) of my disk. Usually, I create one per partition, but this was the Christmas season, and I was half occupied with feasting and half occupied with entertaining Ila. So, mistakes were made. I…

  • NetworkManager exit status 1

    NetworkManager exit status 1

    Recently reinstalled NextDNS on a RPi4 64bit and came across this error: It seems like NextDNS was actually running, but just throwing an error when running nextdns activate. Restarting did seem to work without throwing any error. The logs showed the same error: The solution was (as root): Looks like, instead of resolvconf, openresolv was…

  • Mastodon server: email

    Mastodon server: email

    Always a hassle to get mail delivery to work. Had a similar problem with a VoIP (Nexmo SMS/call forwarding) tool that just refused to work using local mail servers without a valid cert. Gave up and started using Mailgun. Long story short: use something like Mailgun or another provider. Using localhost SMTP server support seems…

  • Feed2Toot


    Started looking into a service to auto-post from this blog onto my Mastodon feed. Feed2Toot fit the bill perfectly. I wanted to run the whole thing from a Docker container, though, so I’ll quickly write a how-to. This whole thing runs from a Raspberry Pi, as root. No k8s or k3s for me. The path…