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StarCraft 2: Beta

Windows client only, 1,64Gb download.

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Awesome song of the week

Stumbled upon it by accident.

But really love the song. Old though. 🙂


Wrath of the Lich King release date

Yes, it’s official, November 13th, this year!

No official note on the European site though. 🙁


WotLK soon?!

The latest Burning Crusade patch has, somewhat, been released. But I haven’t been able to download anything yet. Keeps giving me “data for next patch not available“.

But, when I launch the “WoW launcher”, I do get this splash screen, which doesn’t seem to be right just yet.

Seems like Blizzard messed up something, especially if the game and latest “pre-wotlk” patch hasn’t been installed/released yet.

Anyway, this does mean the expansion is going to be released soon, which is good I think. (Though I’d still like to get the ZA Amani bear, but doesn’t seem like I will anywhere soon)

Games Windows

Red Alert

Which reminds me, and I guess I’m late again with posting, but you can get a free Red Alert (yes, the original) @ the EA website. Yes, they actually give out free stuff too (the thieves!). But don’t forget, it’s no more than a commercial stunt to get you to preorder Red Alert 3.

Go and get it here, or direct links here: Soviet disc (0.5Gb), Allied disc (0.5Gb).

Dear Tuinslak,

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Not even two hours after I posted it. They got scanning bots or what?!