Author: Yeri Tiete

  • The Underrated Art of Giving a Shit

    The Underrated Art of Giving a Shit

    I recently stumbled upon a narrative that struck a chord. It was about a custom-made table, but, more than that – it was about the magic that happens when someone cares enough about their craft, whether it’s carving wood or coding or anything else really. Picture this: you decide to get a custom meeting room…

  • Long holiday

    Long holiday

    After a whirlwind of planning, re-planning around Shan‘s work, and, well, a bit of procrastination (who’s judging?), … We’re finally leaving for our extended holidays. Saying “See ya!” to Singapore for three months! This is the longest I’m stepping out of the sunny (yet overly warm) island in the last 7 years. Feels a bit…

  • DALL-E 3: wow

    DALL-E 3: wow

    DALL-E 3 is here. And the future too, or almost at least. Prompt: generate 3D images of the inside of a house in Singapore. It needs to look modern and minimalistic, with light colours, to show a customer. Focus on the living room. It still sucks at generating text… Trying to get an 80s style…

  • RPi kernels in Bookworm

    RPi kernels in Bookworm

    Raspberry Pi recently launched Bookworm, and with that, a new kernel package. However, due to the massive changes from Bullseye to Bookworm, they are not suggesting a dist-upgrade. In the past, we have suggested procedures for updating an existing image to the new version, but always with the caveat that we do not recommend it,…

  • EU pushes for digital surveillance

    EU pushes for digital surveillance

    Keep seeing more and more topics, threads and sites about it. And it’s probably not getting half as much attention as it deserves. Here’s a summary from Danny Mekić post:

  • Ancient Life as Old as the Universe

    Ancient Life as Old as the Universe

  • IP Changed?

    IP Changed?

    Very simple Python script that tracks one or multiple hosts/domains for IP changes, and prints it in a Matrix room. Includes a Docker container to keep it running. I made it less noisy (i.e. won’t talk when the IP didn’t change) and as the IP of my DynDNS hosts hasn’t changed yet, there’s not much…

  • Accessibility Overlays

    Accessibility Overlays

  • Entropy