Google Linux Networking

NextDNS + EdgeRouter + Redirecting DNS requests

Realised I haven’t updated this in a long while (life happened). Couple of weeks ago I started to play with NextDNS — and I really recommend anyone that’s something privacy minded and cares about the stuff happening on their network. I’ve set up several configs (home, parents, FlatTurtle TurtleBox (the NUCs controlling the screens)) and […]

Hardware Linux Networking

Edgerouter IPsec tunnel to Fritzbox

So, I have an EdgeRouter Lite in Singapore (Starhub) and a FritzBox in Belgium (EDPnet). This is mostly stuff that I have found from several articles, mostly from here. ERL: eth0 is WAN, eth1 ( and eth2 (unused, not VPN’ed) are LAN FritzBoz: This is the FritzBox config (go to VPN and them Import […]

Apple Linux Networking Software Virtualisation

Box — Docker shell server

A couple of months ago I had the great idea to set up a shell server in Docker. Simply because my docker skillz were quite rusty and a shell server was something I actually genuinely needed. Shell servers… so 2005. I remember in the good old IRC days people asking for (free) shell servers to […]


Flying to Seoul

I should put more effort and time in updating my blog again. Got a shit load of random experience/issues with an Edgerouter now on Starhub in Singapore (IPv6, but still not reaching my Gbit speed). But that’ll be for later. Had a few days in HK last week for an offsite with work. Jetstar + […]