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Proxy.pac generator

I made a simple bash script that generates a proxy auto configuration file.

The PAC file generated redirects all matching rules through the proxy.

The only issue at the moment, is that, once the list gets big, it’s not very performance-friendly. Something I’ll try to fix in the coming days.

I’m using this script to generate a proxy.pac file at work to redirect blocked content in China through the proxy for our employees currently in China.

You can find the Github repo here. Keep in mind it’s work in progress.



Beijing Flickr set

Set link. Updated (almost) daily. Until the 19th November.


Me be leavin’ for Beijing!

Today, I’m leaving for Beijing, China for a whole month as part of my internship at KdG. Wish me luck. 😉

Tons of pics will be posted on Flickr.

I’m not entirely sure what sites and services will be blocked (yay for the Great Chinese Firewall), but my VPN tunnel should do the trick. Hopefully. And I’m still reachable through e-mail.

Bubye x!