Blog Updates

As you might have noticed, I added some new features.

I’ve been playing around with some plugins.

There’s now a Twitter widget, a simple calendar widget (with links on dates where I posted something), and ‘recent comments’ (not that there are any comments, but I’ve added it).

I had to do some small modifications in my theme, as it wasn’t supporting dynamic widgets, but here it is. Seems to be working fine!

I’ve also started using Twitter, something else (similar to this blog) I was thinking to use for quite a while. To be do, or not to be do.

When browsing the net, I saw this drawing, which made me laugh:

So, who else Twitters? Tell me 🙂

Web2/Twitter saves plants? Indeed.. How handy..! 😉

Enough for my pointless post! Over & Out.


First post!

So, after years of ‘why should I have a blog? No one is going to read it anyway…’ I finally made one. Don’t ask me why.

It’s probably going to turn out into a rather tech-blog, as I’m not the kind of person to write down my emotions on the net, or to keep some kind of diary, but nevertheless, hope you’ll enjoy it, or even better, hope someone might read it. 😉

And yes, I’ll do my best to post something once in a while.

This website is best viewed on a Mac using Camino! 🙂