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Requiem for a Crashed Hard Drive

There is no drug or single event in the world that can make a computer person focus more clearly than when a server crashes. The mere act of a crashing hard drive, database or server component can temporarily raise one’s IQ as much as 50 points. You suddenly become more aware of the universe around you and less aware of trivial aspects in life, such as reality TV, what type of car you should drive and if wearing socks with sandals is cool. You can for a brief moment see dimly into the immediate future as your pleasure centers temporarily shutdown and you put your resume on standby for a mass mailing campaign. You move much quicker as time seems to slow down, you can calculate rational and irrational numbers using math that hasn’t been invented yet and you become a little more spiritual–no, a lot more spiritual. A crashed server sometimes brings a network administrator closer to God, his or her fellow workers and the unemployment line. And in a single point of light (pixilated light) when you discover that your backups haven’t run for over two months, a cold perspiration blankets your feverous body while your knees weaken and the contents of your stomach climb to the top of your reflux valve. This is it; your mission critical server crashed and you don’t have a backup. So what do you do?

You do what every network administrator does when this happens; you calmly walk into your office, throw up in your trashcan and slowly begin gathering up your personal items while waiting for someone from Human Resources to bring you a box. And as you sit at your desk trying to figure out how you’re going to get 2 gigs of MP3s to your home computer it hits you like a brick, you read this book and configured a redundant backup to another server on another hard drive. Suddenly the feeling in your hands and feet return and you go back to the server room and restore the data.

By Douglas Chick

(From my English course)

Software Windows

Vista pointing out the obvious

Vista pointing something out



It has been a while since I had something interesting to say.

Anyway, I’ve recently found out, from pretty good sources, that Mibbit is logging all conversations sent trough the website.

This might include NickServ/authentication passwords.

There is no official EULA stating this is being done, thus being a violation of privacy. (but who cares about privacy these days?)

Mibbit is a young, fast growing, webbased IRC-client.

Hardware Networking

Philips Network Hard Disk

I’ve got myself a cheap 500GB network hard disk.

Been testing it, and seems to be working fine! It’s rather fast (it has a SATA2 disk in it) and it was really easy to set up.

Philips Network Disk

But I’m missing a few things;

  • Impossible to format/check the disk for errors from the web interface
  • Impossible to create partitions from the web interface
  • Impossible to give anonymous FTP access (or use different username:password for FTP, as I don’t need any passwords on my disk)
  • Only FAT32 (read/write) support, and only NTFS (read) support
  • Deleting files seems very slow, but perhaps it’s my Mac/WiFi that’s giving troubles?

I’m emptying my other (old) external disk (160GB), and will add that one to the network disk (you can extend the network disk by adding other USB disks).

Guess it’s wait-and-see.

Hope the disk won’t crash after 6 months…