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WoW:WotLK 3.0.1 installers

Here’s a list of all World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King installers:

English: WinMac

French: WinMac

German: WinMac

Spanish: WinMac

The download is 2.04Gb (on a Mac), I haven’t started the download on a Windows yet.

And yes, you will still need a beta invitation before being able to login!

You’ll find me under Tuinslak or Isazi on the EU beta realm.

As for the character copy, it was done within 10 minutes. Just 5 hours left on the download. 🙁

Edit: same size on a Windows – 2.04Gb. The download contains the setup.exe and the, so you should be able to copy it to any OS.

Misc Software

I never really used bookmarks, but a few days ago, I decided it was time for me, to organise myself a bit more, and get some bookmark application. I decided to give a try.

While surfing delicious, I came upon Wordle, a site that generates a tag/word cloud. Here is what my delicious tags look like at the moment.

Too bad I doesn’t auto generate every X time. But… Seems cool to play with.

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Vista pointing out the obvious

Vista pointing something out

Errors Software Windows

Ventrilo 2.1, Vista, and Surround 5.1

Helene’s new Vista pc seemed to be working fine, except for Ventrilo 2.1 (the free and, well, illegal version).

It managed to connect, but no sound was coming out of it. Not when someone was talking, and not when there was a status message (like a join/connect/…).

I tried every out- and input device in “Setup”. I deleted the config, reinstalled, … Nothing seemed to work. I even checked if Vista wasn’t muting it, and it wasn’t. 😉

Yet, when plugging in her (USB) headset, it worked fine… So it had to be a Vista/sound config problem.

My Vista, at home, and the one om my Macbook could run Vent just fine…?!

That’s when I went to her sound settings (config panel -> sound). Selected the speakers, and clicked on Configure.

They were set to 5.1 Surround, which is what she’s using.

I tried to use some other audio option, like stereo (or quadrophonic), and restarted Vent… And guess what! Yep, it worked.

Vista sound settings

So I assume Ventrilo 2.1 does not have surround/5.1 (and greater) support.

Some ugly workaround, to change that each time, but at least it works now.

Apple Linux Software

Rsync backups

My own simple rsync backup ‘script’.

You’ll need a rsync server, something to backup, and ssh-agent running to ease the process (or, fill in your password each time).

Add the following lines (using a terminal text editor) to a text file (“.rsync” for example, hidden files under Unix-like systems), and chmod +x $file.

rsync --archive -uv --exclude-from=/home/you/.rsync_exclude \
--rsh="ssh -p 222" --delete --stats --progress /Users/you/Documents/ \

This will upload any files in /Users/you/Documents to /home/you/remote-backup-directory.

It will use ssh on port 222 to transfer the files.

Just execute ./.rsync (if that’s the name of your file) to run it.

If you make any changes (locally), and run this, the changes will be applied on the remote server (e.g. file changes, renames, deletes, …) — this will delete files on the remote server if you’ve deleted them locally!

The file .rsync_exclude is optional, it includes all files or directories that should NOT be uploaded

This is what I have in my .rsync_exclude:

Nazgul:~ yeri$ cat .rsync_exclude

Simple as hell, and yet so handy!