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Touch icon

Anner has designed me a very first version of the iRail icon. He’ll keep on working on it, when he has some more time.

As for the * e-mail addresses, they seem to be down due to bad DNS/MX records. It’s being solved as we speak, but might take a few hours to update.

Please use tuinslak [at] gmail [dot] com if you have anything to e-mail me.

iRail Misc Software www

iRail reviews

So far, two iPhone sites have written something about iRail; and here are the links.

Special thanks to these website, they have greatly improved the number of visitors so far.


Mon argent!

via Twitter/Le Soir

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iRail maps

When submitting information on the B-rail site, you get some kind of “map info” with the train station.

Now, when submitting the same information through the iRail website, the same link was added to the results. Yet, these links were broken/unavailable, because the session with the NMBS/SNCB site was no longer valid.

I have now replaced these links with Google Maps links. They are not only displaying the station’s location, but also the directions (by car, that is. I guess Google won’t be adding “train directions” anywhere soon) to eachother.

This will open the native Maps app on the iPhone.

Special thanks to alastair for helping out on this one.

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iRail translations

I’m looking for people to test out the iRail website in the four different languages, to check for any spelling mistakes. Should you find any, please report them to bugs[@]irail[.]be.