School exams

Whilst reading over “Chapter I: The Internet” in my Hypermedia course; I couldn’t help noticing a few things.

I quote:

  • All IP’s of local PC’s in a local network begin with “192.168”
  • DNS is a service on the internet that links hard to remember IP’s to easy to remember domain names
  • A PC with a Pentium processor and at least 64 Mb RAM is needed to be able to connect to the internet.

This is when I start to wonder why I even bother to go to school…


First post!

So, after years of ‘why should I have a blog? No one is going to read it anyway…’ I finally made one. Don’t ask me why.

It’s probably going to turn out into a rather tech-blog, as I’m not the kind of person to write down my emotions on the net, or to keep some kind of diary, but nevertheless, hope you’ll enjoy it, or even better, hope someone might read it. 😉

And yes, I’ll do my best to post something once in a while.

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