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Misc Networking

Fon’s hangin’

Yes yes, it has received a fixed place in our family.

Fon hangin’Fon hanging’Fon hangin’

All I need now are a few people to come by and test it; I wonder what the range is like.

Fon frontpage

The only thing I don’t really like is the “Watch our ad and get 15 mins free inet (daily)”. Ad? Watch? Oh come on… Where is this going?!

Misc Networking

SMTP-server list

Whilst on the move, it’s always handy to be able to send e-mails. Most providers tend to block all SMTP-servers, besides their own. Quite unhandy if you’re on a FON (or… well… open & unsecure) WiFi network.

Here‘s a list with all mayor Dutch & Belgian ISPs their SMTP-servers.


Dad at Comedy Barn

Misc Networking


My Fon box arrived today!

Ordered it last Saturday (09/02), took just over a week to be delivered (by UPS).

Fon router 2Fon router 1

I bought “La Fonera” with a “Fontenna” for just over 6 (!) EUR. Fon’s having this cool promotion that La Fonera only costs around 4 EUR, and if you order a Fontenna with it, you get the Fontenna for just an additional 2 EUR. (And 6 EUR shipping costs. So just over 12 EUR total.)

La Fonera is really easy to configure, perhaps a bit too easy. I hoped a few extra options to configure, and better IP/Bandwidth usage stats, … But on the other side, they managed to keep it simple & clean; easy to use for everyone.

Fon Web config

La Fonera has 2 WiFi networks, one public (FON_Tuinslak in my case) and a private one (with WEP, WPA(2); using IP by default)

La Fonera 4La Fonera 3La Fonera 2La Fonera

Notice how small they made it (+-10 x 7,5 cm).

This is the Fontenna, which adds about 7dBi:


Besides having a big gray plastic encapsulation, it seems quite “weather-resistant”. I might put it outside somewhere.

Anyway, it seems to be working great.

Fon stickers

I’ll have to play a bit with it, before giving it a final place somewhere in the house… And I’m starting to wonder what I should to with my Linksys “AP”… 2 private networks? Might put it some place where the WiFi signal is really bad… Like… The garage or something. 😉

PS: for those wondering, yes I’ve become a “Bill”. I see no point becoming a “Linus”, because a Bill gets everything a Linus gets plus some extra cash (although I doubt anyone will actually use my Fon AP; I’m kind of living in the middle of nowhere).

Fon_AP Access