Auf wiedersehen

Boarding my flight to Hong Kong. And then Tibet. And stuff.


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I bricked my Nexus S yesterday, while trying to root it (with an howto for an old Android version). As usual I was trying to do too much stuff with too little time (as I had to catch my plane later that evening).

I had to root it to get OpenVPN, ssh tunnel, or system wide proxies up and running. Things I needed to by-pass the Great Firewall in China on my mobile.

However, when landing in Beijing, and connecting to Twitter, Facebook, and all that other shizzle on my “backup” Nexus S; I noticed all sites were working just fine. Just a tad slow…

I was amazed. As if someone turned off the Great Firewall… 😉

But apparently, when checking what public IP my phone had, it was a Belgian IP address. So basically it seems when roaming, all traffic is rerouted from, say, China Mobile to Proximus (through a VPN?), and routed to the internet, in my case, from Belgium. Which is pretty cool here in China. Means I can access everything as if I were in Belgium.

Anyway, something I didn’t know. Learned something new today. 😉


Beijing Flickr set

Set link. Updated (almost) daily. Until the 19th November.


Me be leavin’ for Beijing!

Today, I’m leaving for Beijing, China for a whole month as part of my internship at KdG. Wish me luck. 😉

Tons of pics will be posted on Flickr.

I’m not entirely sure what sites and services will be blocked (yay for the Great Chinese Firewall), but my VPN tunnel should do the trick. Hopefully. And I’m still reachable through e-mail.

Bubye x!


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