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Mobistar’s iPhone webshop error code “30001100”

When I tried to order my iPhone a few days ago from the Mobistar webshop (which is using Ogone payments), and I got to its last step “Pay goldz plx !” something happened.

Submitting the required (and correct!) info, using my MasterCard, I received this helpful error page (roughly translated): “Order failed. Seller cannot sell item” and at the bottom, error code: 30001100.

I tried to execute the payments multiple times (you have no idea’s how many times I checked and rechecked my credit card number), reordered the item, other browser, and so forth. Nothing helped.

Googleing (Googling?) the error code, returned this.

Search for the error code, and you end up at this line:

30001100 no Unauthorized buyer’s country

When filling in the order, I was unable to choose where I lived, as it was set (uneditable) to Belgium (though I do live in Belgium… Most of the time).

As, at the time of the order, I was in The Netherlands, I quickly understood there was some ip to country check, and Mobistar only wanted Belgium buyers.

Though my MasterCard is hand out by a Belgian bank, and I guess you can’t have a credit card as non resisdential, it would seem logic to accept the payment anyway… But hey, can’t have it all!

Or perhaps use this error code:

30001101 no IP country <> card country

Anyway, to solve this problem, you simply need to get a “belgian ip”.

Don’t bother to search for free anonymous Belgian proxies, it will likely fail (don’t even think about Tor) as no one is willing to share in this country… I had to set up Hamachi on a PC there (yes, because it won’t run on os x.5), remote desktop to a PC home, and make the payment/order again.

And guess what? Worked like a charm.

Talk about convient online shopping .. !

This so does remind me about ING and its useful error codes for the most stupid thing, which forced the customer to call the helpdesk, and get annoyed by commercial junk.

By the way, Google for Mobistar, and check out the “Mobistar iPhone is wrong/fail” sites so high in the search results… Haha, really something a company would like to see.


WotLK – Part 2


First (Death Knight) impressions

I must say, I’m pleased to see this new class.

Besides some general login server problem, the beta has been running quite smooth for me (only some minor graphic bugs).

As for the Death Knight… Well done Blizzard !

So far (almost one level up!) it has been a refreshing new class. In some way it reminds me of a paladin-warrior mix (with the energy of a rogue?).

The starting area is really nicely done. Floating above Plaguelands in a Citadel, you start your first class quests. They’ll give you access to special abilities or spells (e.g. mount or 75% faster running speed in the citadel) and to your talents. Yes, you’ll get talent points as reward for completing quests.

The DK has been a lot of trial (and error). There hasn’t been a lot of explanation on how to play the class and it seems Blizzard asumes you do have (a good) knowledge of the game, and the required skills (e.g. the cannon bombing on the Scarlet Crusade, I’ve seen a lot of skeletons at these cannons,  though it actually was quite easy to survive).

The thing that pleases me most, and that I missed before, is once you complete a quest, the enviroment actually changes. When you start questing, you see a city full of Scarlet Crusade, but the further you go, it changes in an abandonned city, plagued with Ghouls and other undead creatures. Same goes for the mount quest, where you are in some kind of death world, and you can only see one type of creature, and the other players that are on the same quest.

I really hope to see more of this, but I can imagine it’s quite hard to complete. Players that are on a lower part of the quest are for example invisible in that area (as they are fighting invisible mobs).

Also the new quests, or techniques, are quite cool. You can hop on a horse (and control it). You can use cannons and blow away tons of mobs (as seen in TBC from flying mounts). And at one point you are changed into an eye, and the view is actually changed, as if there was an eye lid.

Really really looking nice. Too bad for a whole day of login problems… But those 2ish hours were totally worth it !

Time for some rest now, will continue playing tomorrow.

Heck, I might even reroll DK.


Death Knight is cool !