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wget for Mac OS X

The missing tool in Mac OS X is most likely wget. Here’s a (universal) port.

Read the readme for installation howto. 🙂

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Red Alert

Which reminds me, and I guess I’m late again with posting, but you can get a free Red Alert (yes, the original) @ the EA website. Yes, they actually give out free stuff too (the thieves!). But don’t forget, it’s no more than a commercial stunt to get you to preorder Red Alert 3.

Go and get it here, or direct links here: Soviet disc (0.5Gb), Allied disc (0.5Gb).

Dear Tuinslak,

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Not even two hours after I posted it. They got scanning bots or what?!

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Blog stats

Well, seems like Firefox is the most popular browser visiting this site. And on 2nd place.. Safari?! Who on earth uses Safari? Oh, but I guess mobile device, such as the iPhone & Symbian use webkit/Safari-like browser.

Well, let’s see if Google Chrome gets in that list. If only they’d release it for other OS’es too… 🙁 Seems like good ol’ Windows isn’t that popular anymore.



Cool YouTube video, showing what happens when a meteor hits Earth.


Harry Potter <-> Star Wars

From Fat Man.